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Cylinder Liner Maintenance Considerations

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Liner also called cylinder liner, cylinder head and piston together with the composition of the combustion chamber, of course, but also many types of liner, the liner has an important role in the combustion chamber, and then I should be effective conservation of the cylinder liner, let me to introduce manufacturers and maintenance considerations liner.
  1. A strengthening filter maintenance. Makes air filters, oil filters and fuel filters to maintain a good working condition, is essential to reduce the wear of the cylinder liner. Strengthen the "three filter" maintenance, is prevent mechanical impurities into the cylinder, the cylinder to reduce wear and extend engine life is an important measure, particularly important in rural areas and more sand. some drivers installed in order to save fuel without the air filter is absolutely wrong.
  2, the correct choice of lubricant. Should be strictly according to the season and the best selection of engine oil performance requirements for viscosity, non-free purchase and use of inferior oil, and regular inspection and maintenance of oil quantity and quality.
    3 , keep the engine to normal operating temperature. Normal operating temperature of the engine should be at 80-90 ℃. Temperature is too low , you can not maintain good lubrication , increases the cylinder wall wear, cylinder steam condenses into water droplets easily , acid dissolved gas molecules in the exhaust gas to produce an acidic substance having a cylinder bi corrosion and wear . tests showed that when the temperature of the cylinder 90 ℃ bi down 50 ℃, four times the amount of wear of the cylinder 90 ℃, the . temperature , will decrease the intensity increased wear of the cylinder , the piston may even cause excessive expansion " expansion tank " accident .
  4 , the correct starting and starting when the engine cold start , due to low temperature , oil viscosity, poor mobility , so that pump oil supply shortage . Meanwhile , the original oil in the cylinder wall after parking along the cylinder wall dirty , so start when the moment are not working properly as good lubrication , resulting in greatly increased when worn cylinder bi start . Therefore , the initial start-up, the engine should be idling laps until the friction surface lubricated before starting. should be idling after starting heating , non- oil port Meng , standby oil temperature reaches 40 ℃, then start ; start should adhere to downshift and sequential gear with some mileage each , until the oil temperature is normal, only to normal driving.
  5. Improve the quality warranty. During use, to identify problems in a timely manner to exclude, at any time to replace or repair damaged and deformed parts when installing the cylinder liner in strict accordance with the technical requirements of inspection and assembly. During the warranty commutative ring job, to choose Piston suitable elastic, stretch is too small, so that the gas blown into the crankcase oil on the cylinder wall, the cylinder wall is increased wear; elasticity is too large, intensify the cylinder wall wear, or due to an oil film on the cylinder wall was exacerbated by the destruction of their wear.
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