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Petroleum machinery equipment maintenance measures

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Management and maintenance of machinery and equipment for the petroleum oil companies is extremely important, whether it relates to the oil companies can work normally, for the management and maintenance of these devices should give full consideration to the actual characteristics of the oil companies , while full implementation of relevant management practices. below, small series and a brief introduction of petroleum machinery equipment maintenance measures .
 First, routine maintenance , to keep the machinery of petroleum machinery equipment will face dry, use of these devices in the usual course , will inevitably cause some of the sediment left behind , the legacy of these substances will increase the wear and tear of equipment during operation cause equipment loss. while bearing equipment and friction observed at any part of the equipment , as well as temperature and landing of gearboxes and hydraulic tank , the temperature of each part should not exceed 70 ℃, when the temperature is too high , we should shut down the equipment to lower the temperature , and to promptly find the cause of this problem occurs . Moreover, in the course of routine mechanical equipment , the equipment is not normally pay attention to listen to the sound during operation , once some abnormal voices , mostly equipment cause a problem , it is necessary to shut down for inspection and repair.
 Second, regularly check the oil machinery and equipment seals , once the equipment is found seals are oil spills , to be shut down promptly treated , and the oil spill at the well seal addition to regular firmware to connect the various connections to be checked and, if loose , must be promptly reinforcement.
 Third, we should regularly check the hoses performance, these hoses after working for some time , there will be dry and phenomena from the package , and when this happens to promptly replace those hoses , always check the tank whether the deterioration of oil , hydraulic oil promptly added , while the hydraulic system should always check when the filter indicator refers to the red zone , proof has been clogging the filter should be immediately shut down, replace the filter, in order to avoid damage to the pump or motor . Moreover, when the gauge failure after to be replaced.
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