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How to reduce the cylinder liner wear

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1. The correct starting and started
 When the car engine cold starting, due to the low temperature, oil viscosity, liquidity is poor, shortage of lubricating oil in the oil pump.Oil at the same time, the original cylinder wall after parking along the cylinder wall dirty, so when starting moment is not working as good lubrication, starting when the cylinder wall wear is greatly increased.Starting for the first time, therefore, should make the engine idling around, to get the brush surface lubrication before starting.Should be idle running after starting to heat up, it is strictly prohibited to fierce boom oil mouth, for the oil temperature of 40 ℃ when start again;Start should stick to hang low gear, and each gear driving a mileage, step by step until the oil temperature is normal, can into normal operation.  
 2. Select the correct lubricating oil
 We will strictly according to season and engine performance requirements to choose the best value of the lubricating oil viscosity, should buy with inferior oil, and regularly check and keep the quantity and quality of the lubricating oil.
 3. To strengthen the maintenance of the filter
 Make the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter to maintain good working condition, to reduce the cylinder liner wear is very important.To strengthen the maintenance of "/", is to prevent the mechanical impurities into the cylinder, can reduce wear of cylinder, an important measure, prolonging the service life of the engine in the countryside and much sand area is particularly heavy.Some drivers to save fuel without air filter is absolutely wrong.  
 4. Keep the engine to normal operating temperature
 The normal work of the engine temperature should be at 80-90 ℃.Temperature is too low, can't keep good lubrication, will increase the wear of cylinder wall, inside the cylinder of water vapor condenses into water droplets, dissolve acidic gas molecules in the exhaust, and generate acid, corrosion and wear to the cylinder wall.Tests show that when the cylinder wall temperature from 90 ℃ to 50 ℃, the cylinder wear volume for 90 ℃.Temperature is too high, can make the decrease of strength of cylinder and increased wear and may even make the piston bloated and made into "expansion cylinder" accident.  
 5. Improve the quality of the warranty
 In use process, timely find problems in a timely manner to eliminate, replace or repair damage and deformation of the parts at any time.Installing a jacket to technical requirements in strict accordance with the inspection and assembly.In ring work in insurance, and should choose elastic proper piston ring, the tension is too small, fall into the crankcase blow cylinder wall of oil gas, increase the cylinder wall wear and tear;Tension is too large, directly add to the cylinder wall wear and tear, or because of the oil film of cylinder wall is destroyed and aggravate the wear and tear.
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