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Piston assy

Piston assy

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Installed inside the pump fluid end modules, control water intake and drainage valves closed, valve bodies, valve seats composed of two parts. Its subject material are higher than the industry standard of quality steel manufacturing (, 20CrMnTi) integral forged using advanced methods of, products have high strength, high toughness, surface hardness HRC58 or more, and manufactured in accordance with strict process, ensure polishing, sizes accurately.
Valve rubber also known as Versailles rubber, is mud fluid end in major parts of the system are key components of the valve service life as well as slurry pump used in one of the most vulnerable parts. Valve rubber Vulcanized rubber products, conventional rubber material for nitrile rubber, polyurethane rubber can also be used to increase the rubber temperature range. Our company has developed a unique formula of valve rubber, compared to conventional rubber can effectively improve the wear resistance, longevity, and improving pump efficiency.

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