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Bi-metal cylinder improper use can cause wear

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Bi-metal cylinder liners for engines is very important, and if used improperly can cause wear and, of course, that such a situation would create how to wear it? Please see the Editor's introduction:
1) lubricating oil filters for filter effects worse. If the oil filter is not working properly, oil is not a valid filter, contains a lot of hard particles of lubricating oil inside the cylinder wall wear.
2) often use poor-quality lubricants. Some owners try to do things the easy way to save money, often at roadside shops or unscrupulous oil traders buy their poor quality lubricants used, resulting in strongly at the top of cylinder liner corrosion, wear 1-2 times greater than normal.
3) air filter low filter efficiency. Air filter is clean air into the cylinder contained in dust and sand, in order to reduce the wear and tear parts such as cylinder, piston and piston rings, experiments show that the engine without air filter, increased cylinder wear to 6-8 times. Long-term lack of cleaning air filters, filter ineffective accelerated cylinder wear.
4) running at low temperature for a long time. Operation at low temperature for a long time, are burned bad, carbon deposits from the upper portion of the cylinder started to spread, making upper has serious abrasion for cylinder sleeve; the second is causing electrochemical corrosion.
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