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Ceramic cylinder liners in role plays the kind of mud pump

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High pressure mud is oilfield drilling Workbench of "heart", ceramic cylinder sets is mud of important parts, due to work conditions is bad (high pressure 15~35 MPa, strong alkali pH 10~12, containing Sha volume 0.4~2, piston rushed times 90~120 times/points, temperature liters 70~170℃), metal cylinder sets not wear Eclipse, using life is short, in formation complex or drill deep Shi, often needed replaced and serious effects drilling efficiency, scene reflect strongly, is oilfield long-standing problem. Ceramic slurry pump cylinder to the abrasion of toughened zirconia ceramic cylinder alternative metal liner, greatly improved service life, as well as fine grained exceptionally smooth ceramic surface, piston life and reliability are greatly enhanced, creating the conditions for reducing drilling costs, is the preferred direction of the pump cylinder upgrade.
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