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How to choose ceramic liner

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Ceramic cylinder for combustion chamber is very important, a good ceramic liner for the engine is very important, so many customers worry when I choose a ceramic liner, how to choose a quality, price is the number one cylinder on it? Should note that buying what? Please see the Editor's introduction:
1, when purchasing new parts: Standard cylinder liner and the piston should be checked for size code, loaded with cylinder and piston standard piston size code number must be made with a standard cylinder dimensions grouping symbol are the same, the only way to ensure a standard clearance. Multi-cylinder diesel engine, each cylinder shall be packed in the same grouping code of cylinder liners and Pistons.
2, pay attention to install prior to cylinder clearance, sometimes grouping symbol are the same dimensions of the cylinder liner and piston, in order to guarantee the Assembly standards should also be conducted before the machine-time, prevent counterfeit defective products get away with it. Multi-cylinder high speed diesel engine, also notice that the weight difference of the cylinder piston groups should be within the specified range.
3, testing cylinder gap, conditional shop cylinder measurement of cylinder diameter size (including the roundness, cylindricity), measurement of piston skirt size by diameter in feet, then the gap of the two. No conditions available film gauge to measure, is poured into the upper portion of the cylinder piston (at TDC position), and then push the piston into the cylinder with gauge), in a direction perpendicular to the direction of piston pin bore, tightness just slightly with a little force gauge that can be pulled out as appropriate. Several points along the circumference measurement of cylinder liner was qualified, and then assembled. Cylinder set into the body later, when loading the Pistons, should once again review the cylinder gap to prevent tank deformation squeezed when installing to a body, affecting the Assembly quality.
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