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Cause analysis on the possible causes of cylinder liner wear of ceramics

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Ceramic liner is one of the main part of the combustion chamber, sometimes small parts also plays a big role. now renumbered as you introduce the causes of abnormal wear of the cylinder liner.
1. the upper portion of the cylinder wear:-associated with the inhalation of large amounts of dust or severe carbon should maintain or replace air filter, remove the carbon, and check for channeling oil.
2. cylinder worn in the lower part: engine oil contains a lot of metal wear debris or dust, clean oil should be replaced.
3. cylinder worn in the Middle: with engine cold cold boot on corrosive wear and frequent relevant, should check the cooling system.
4. the first check point on serious wear of piston rings: indicate engine overheating, heat is not good, you should check the cooling system, ignition system (including spark plug selection), and check that the connecting rod big end bearing is loose.
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